Code Library

Welcome to the Code Library. Here you can find useful code snippets for the direct use in your programs. If you want to post code yourself, great! Just read how to post and paste your code!

Programming in C++

If you do not use the CMake buildsystem to make your own written BALL code, here you find an exemplary makefile:

Input / Output

Iterate over atoms, bonds, residues, chains, molecules, …

Handling Molecules

New version (1.4.0)

Version (1.4.1)

Upcomming version (1.4.2)

Scripting with python

An introduction to our python interface can be found here.

via BALLView

via pure BALL python

All function and type definitions needed to use the BALL API are included in your code by the following line:

import BALL


from BALL import *

How to Post

If you have code snippets, that should be useful for others, post them here.

Please make sure that your code compiles prior to posting!

You can get syntax highlighting by enclosing your code in the following tags:

//Your code goes here

For further information on how to post, just look at some examples found on this page.

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